multitasking mom

Mommy is busy again. This time, a hundred more times busier than my regular mom days. Three kids are complete.

The college lass is off for a short vacation. Few days, if I may say. She’s scheduled to get back to Isabela to gather more samples for their thesis. There’s not much data says her University. Whew! Hope she’ll be back home before November first – All Saint’s Day – a national holiday here.

As for my lad, he’s off on their educational field trip in Manila today. One of the itinerary is the Manila Ocean Park and a museum, so he said. We dropped him off to his school at 2 am earlier because their buses will leave at 3 am. I hoped that by now, they’re off somewhere in Bulacan. The lad’s a junior high school student. So no need for mom to accompany him :) We just make sure he brought small few items with him – extra shirt and a jacket, two face towels, a small pack of wet tissue, a handy hand sanitizer and lotion, toothbrush and a small pack of toothpaste, 2 bottled water, sandwiches and a small cookie pack (he never wanted to bring packed lunch) and of course pocket money. We made sure his money is secure (few small bills on his wallet and larger bills somewhere much secure than his wallet^_^).

Wished that he and the rest of the students and teachers will have a safe journey today.

As for the youngest kid, she’ll have their last day at school today. The last day also of their monthly test. Test schedules run for one hour to one and a half hours only, a shortened period, but the little girl requested for her to stay a little longer today so she could play with her classmates. Wish granted, we told her. Anyways, after today, they have a 10-day vacation.

And so, that would mean my busiest days. Tending a house, being  being a wife and being a full-time mom. MULTITASKING, YET AGAIN.

“It’s more easier to become a wife than become a mom.” -as is my mantra last night as me and the husband were making a schedule.

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