year end thoughts


It had been extra blessed for me in terms of blogging. I must admit I am still in awe. For I couldn’t believed how blogging gave me an income. Just two years back, I wonder how others would earn from a personalized blog. I got inspired. And, from there, I slowly learned the ABC’s of blogging. Of course, with the help of ¬†few virtual friends for which I am blessed and honored to have them. They’re one of the key factors why I still survived in this blogging business. And, more importantly, thanks to advertisers, or paid posting sites which feeds my sites. Them, who feeds my Paypal account. I feel so blessed each month. I feel so blessed for 2012.


Blogging is my career now. I’d like to stay in this business for a while. There’s nothing more than I can ask. Just to continuously shower me with all those blessing I had received last year. Nothing more.

I shall bow my head and say my gratitude…

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