My Friend’s Mom Had Mitral Valve Ailment

Just when everybody gets busy preparing for the holidays last December, we got a call from a dear friend telling us that her mother was brought to the hospital because of chest pains, headache, and weakness. My friend’s mother had had hypertension through which she had to take medication daily and had to control her diet. But, there were instances that her blood pressure shoots up because she had trouble keeping her weight down and that, she rarely exercise. ┬áThe reason why her blood pressure shoots up. Because of this, she had become a regular resident patient of our local hospital.

Her last confinement was in August of last year. But, the local hospital advised my friend to take her mother to a bigger hospital where there’s more specialized doctors who were more experienced in handling cases such as her mother’s. As we went to visit her, we learned that she had heart problem. Must be the effect of her hypertension. That is what my friend told me. She never really understood what the cardiologist had explained, she told me. But, one thing is certain, her mother needed heart operation. My friend was so devastated. She was wondering if her mother could survive the operation. Her mother, so fragile, a little old, and weak. The doctors suggested that a┬áminimally invasive mitral valve repair be performed on her mother as soon as possible. This is to prevent more injuries to the patient if waiting period is prolonged.

For a moment, the family discussed the sensitivity of the problem. They are for one common goal. The recovery of their mother. And so, after weighing the pros and cons, they agreed on the operation. I imagined how forlorn my friend was. Being the eldest and the only daughter at that, I can share her sentiments. I can only comfort her through my fervent prayers. Our prayers were heard, the operation was a success. Her mother was wheeled out of the hospital after ten days.

After the call, me and my husband scheduled a day for us to visit my friend’s aunt at the city hospital. But, unfortunately, we never made it to the hospital. Because on the next day, just three days after Christmas, I got an SMS from my friend that her mother had passed away. She went into a coma and passed away that night. A very heartbreaking news. Just as when the promise of a new year looks bright. But, who knows. We are not the handlers of our lives.

My heart goes out to my friend. Words are not enough to comfort her. I had to let her grieve for the loss of her beloved mother.

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