A Good Razor For My Man

“Do not forget to buy safety razor for me when you get to the grocery this weekend.” That is the husband. His voice reverberating in my ears. Oh! Yes. He just called to say that I include his razor in the list.

You see, the husband is super choosy on the type of razor he is using for his heavily bearded face. He needs to shave clean his beard. A pact that we agreed upon together from the moment I got red little dots on my face. Yes, the husband is ever so romantic and he likes to plant kisses on my face every so often. Moments that I enjoyed so much. But, when a time came when I got the red dots on my face and becomes too itchy to handle, it becomes a requirement that he shaved his beard before he plants oh-so-many smooches.

For one thing, he invested in a good razor. He always say that to achieve a perfectly shaved face, the key is in the razor. Stainless steel blade, countoured head, and a blade that can glide easily through the skin. Blades that can reach even hard to reach areas. Because as we know it, hairs on the face grows on different directions. So, it very important that the razor can glide easily to prevent bruises on the faces. ┬áMore importantly, in shaving, proper technique should be applied too in order to avoid razor burns and cuts. These burns or cuts may be inflamed and and may caused bacterial infections. A not so good sight when it leaves a scar on any man’s face. The reason why the husband is so vain in shaving.

By having these elemental keys in a razor, a skin can have a smooth and silky finish. A clean shaven face worthy of sweet kisses from me. Plus, of course, I’d be happier because I will be free from pimple-like dots. We can share intimate moments together. As well as the kids. Especially that the husbands enjoys smooching them whenever they play and have fun together.

Isn’t it nice seeing a man clean shaven? Face looks fresh and he looks more handsome.

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