little kid has fever

It’s gonna be long waking night for me and the husband. Don’t get naughty here. The husband? I’m sure he’ll be snoring in just a little while. But, as for me, I couldn’t sleep. No. Not until the little girl is burning with fever.

When was the last time she had fever. I can not remember. But, the other day, she was developing a dry cough. For which, we just told her to stay away from cold drinks. Drink not anything from the fridge, and double the liquid, we told her.

But, today, after picking her from school, the cough became evident. And she showed runny nose, too. For which, I am anticipating fever. As I thought it would be, after I gave her a doze of cough medicine (to help mellow down the cough and let her sleep), the fever went on. Super hot. So, I roused her from her sleep to give her antipyretic syrup and place hot towel on her forehead. She’ll be perspiring in about 10-15 minutes. I had to monitor her temperature the rest of the evening.

I hope the fever would disappear by tomorrow so she wouldn’t miss her school. Take her fever off…pretty pretty please…

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