no to antibiotics

Glad that the little girl’s dreaded cough is over. I must say I am happy it was gone and I didn’t give her any antibiotics. It is not that I am trying to be a spendthrift. Being sick is not something I do not neglect. In fact, as a mom, I am most tired and sleepless when kids get sick. I tend to worry about them a lot.

Having an illness, even just a common cold makes me frantic. For every illness that got them, I try to observe first. After having three kids, I am not the type who gets to panic and send sick kid to hospitals or call an appointment at their doctor’s clinic. I try to observe symptoms first. If it’s something that can be remedied at home, well and good. If it something contagious or they’re showing infection -high fever, weakness, and diarrhea- I still try to observe and rushed them to their doctors or the nearest hospital.

It is not that I am trying to cut on expenses or put the kids’ health at risk. Fact is, by getting to their doctors, that would mean, more medicines to take -antibiotics, as in the case of coughs. We know how powerful antibiotics are these days. Okay, they do best in fighting bacteria off.

But, learning enough how well these medicines can effect the brain and worse, our kidneys…I do not want to sound hypochondriac. truth is, I hate seeing my kids getting sick. But, if I can make them well through TLC, enough rest, some home remedy like drinking lots of fluids and eating balanced foods…I’ll stick to it.

And yes, thank Heavens that the little kid need not take antibiotic this time…

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