Dogs: Size, Age and Dietary Needs




Depending on a dog’s size, which is often largely determined by breed, and age dietary requirements will vary. Is their any sense to this?


You can sometimes question whether there is any logic to particular feeds for particular dogs however when you look at the amount the digestive tract of varying sized dogs account for their total body weight you start to realise that there may actually be some logic in the debate over feeding.

Activity can also effect which feed would best suit a dog. If you consider a sheep dog for example which spends most of its life working over a stay at home office dog it is quite clear that the sheep dog will require a higher calorie diet.

You can buy particular feeds that will enhance the nutritional value of any dog’s dinner. Buying a food that is appropriate to age is particularly important. The ranges suggested below are specifically targeted at junior dogs, and what stage of development they are in within there junior years.

Diet is very important for young puppies; if a diet is incorrect there can be many tell tale signs, loose stalls being one of them. Royal Canin Mini Junior is a good recommendation for a puppy with a sensitive constitution. You should use this feed when the dog is aged between 2 and 10 months old, with a weight of less than 10kg at maturity. The feed contains similar nutritional benefits to that of the mothers milk which the puppy is being weaned off of. It can also be slightly moistened to simulate the characteristics of milk.

The size health nutrition range by Royal Canin is developed specifically for different breed sizes and dogs at different stages of growth. The Royal canin junior food range targets puppies at all stages of their growing to provide the optimum amount of nutrition.

For larger breeds of dogs take a look at Royal canin giant junior which can be used for puppies that are 8 – 18/24 months of age and will eventually weight 45 kg at full maturity.

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