constructive construction

Because there’s nothing to do on a lazy and power-less Saturday afternoon, we decided to make a small project: A treetop hang-out for the youngest daughter. She’s one boisterous and super active kid. She likes to do many activities. Outdoors. And, for that, I am a happy mom. I like to see her enjoying other activities other than toiling with gadgets and computers.

So, we venture out on the project without knowing where to start. We didn’t plan out the construction. The dad, being an “unskilled” carpenter gladly picked up his tools to begin the construction. The two other kids gamely joined in the “fun”.

DSC_0190 (426x640)The objective was to build a platform where the kids could jump from the tree ziplining towards the next tree. Zipline, that is! Kids are still fresh from their Treetop Adventure in Camp John Hay last December. That’s the inspiration.

No plan. No materials. Just some salvaged old planks of wood from the kitchen renovation few months back. So, please never mind the “design”.
DSC_0192 (426x640)
The whole idea is for this little kid enjoy her treetop fun.
DSC_0195 (426x640)
It’s nearing sunset and we’re almost done.
DSC_0194 (640x426)

In the end, “A family that builds something out of scrap together…save the woods from fire.” :)

We all had a good laugh. Crazy family. I know.

Do things together as a family to promote a healthy relationship between parents and between siblings.

What’s your family project lately?

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