Premium Nutrition for Your Dog

As you walk down the dog food aisle in your supermarket and you survey all the different foods on offer you find yourself thinking that none of these foods are good enough for your dog. You want only the best for your dog and premium foods are hard to come by in the supermarket.


I spoke to my vet concerning nutrition for my dog and she recommended Royal Canin adult food to me. She said that she has always fed her dogs this food and they enjoy eating it and it helps to keep them healthy.

I was a little dubious as my dogs are very fussy eaters however I decided to give the food a try and see what my dogs thought of it. As I have a Dalmatian and a Rottweiler I had to buy the Royal Canin medium adult diet for the Dalmatian and the Royal Canin maxi adult food for the Rottweiler. I have since been feeding my dogs this diet for the last nine months and they gobble it down in a matter of minutes each meal and every meal time.

I am very pleased with the results seen from the food and I recommend it to friends and family. The food is nutritionally complete so it also means that I do not have to complement the food with anything else. This allows me to feed them treats whilst still being able to monitor their daily intake to prevent weight gain.

I have found it important to follow the recommended feeding guideline so I can always be sure that my dogs are receiving all of the nutrition they require.

I know of friends whose dogs have suffered from digestive and skin irritations which are believed to be due to the poor quality of food given as cheap ingredients which are often allergens have been used in the food. This has ended up costing them a lot of money due to the veterinary bills and medication needed to help treat the problems, therefore I think it is well worth spending the little extra on a premium dog food that my dogs enjoy but which also helps to maintain their good health.

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