personal satisfaction?

Isn’t it a great feeling when you can shop for few stuff without ever hurting the household budget?

Priorities comes first.

Being a mom, household expenses comes first -food and other perishables. And of course, bills to pay -insurances, utilities, school tuition, school allowances and more.  Then at times shopping for the kids. They have needs. They have wants for which, somehow, you want to squeeze into the budget. If it can be possible. Well and good. Family comes first. Being a loving and responsible parent or a wife, their needs comes first before ourselves.

It’s okay. I can live with that. We live this life with priorities or else what’s the purpose of it?

What about Self?

What about ourselves? Mommies? Wife? Us? Do we take time to pamper ourselves?

As for myself, I take the word happiness when I knew my family is happy. Cliche. But true. What else is there to need? Materially? I take personal stuff as gifts (from the husband, from in-laws, from friends), dole outs, and when I can have shopping money for myself, I’d go for the cheapest buys, if not, those items that are on the discounted racks.

The freedom to earn and luxuriate.

What time zone were you at? The husband once asked me when he roused from his sleep and finds me tapping the keyboard at pass 2 am!

That was me working unto the wee hours of the morning. I am becoming a nocturnal creature?

Blame the time zone! I missed my early sleeps. The husband is beginning to get weary of my late night sleep.

I had to beg him to be a little considerate :)

Blame the blogging industry! I am addicted!

Especially when you get to see your Paypal. Not much, I admit. I remember it was January of last year (2012) when I started getting “favorable” pays as per blogging is concerned. Even so, it is just enough to help in the family expenditure.

The reason why I am very thankful that I can earn while I am at the comforts of our home. That’s actually the most interesting part. There’s no pressure. You work at your time pace. There’s no one buggering you about reports, or deadlines…

And, if luck gets in the way, earnings can help to pay for EXTRA purchases….a no guilt purchases. ^_^


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