Clearing The Air and Saving with Eco Friendly Bags

As Earth Day approaches and reminds us of our carbon footprint responsibilities every year, the need for ecfriendly green bags is becoming a priority to both the eco-friendly community and the overall planet. The primary reasons eco friendly bags help the environment is because they reduce the need to use plastic and thus create wastage. The usage of plastic bags, which most retail stores in Canada and across North America are slowly moving away from, extensively has clogged up the environment’s landfills for years, which affects the air we breathe.


Custom made eco bags really allow individuals to monitor their carbon footprint in regards to the landfills and the air we breathe. Because most manufacturers release so many toxic chemicals into the air that we breathe, when creating these bags, it affects both the air and water even before they are used for grocery stores. Eco bags do away with the toxic nature of plastic bags starting with the fact that they are reusable. Most eco bags are used hundreds of times before they are disposed of, thereby decreasing the amount of wastage and toxic build up from the daily usage of plastic.

In addition to the primary environment friendly element, eco custom bags due to their convenient fabric handles and durable material are much more effective to carry a massive amount of groceries without worrying about the bag breaking. This is usually a concern that most face with plastic bags because they are cheap to manufacture, therefore the quality is sub-par. Most people also enjoy the fact that eco bags can be carried over their shoulders, if they happen to have their hands full. These bags are washable and usually made of organic cotton material that is hypo allergenic, which assists with any common allergies that a person may experience. Most Canadian grocery and retail stores are now charging customers for the usage of plastic bags, in an effort to preserve the expansion of eco bags. Most customers really enjoy the fact that they are actually saving more monetarily as well as greatly benefiting their health with by using custom eco bags.

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