treetop adventure at home

These kids have always something in their minds to do. One weekend, when I had decided to let my cousin cut a guava tree in our yard, the kids had decided to join. I asked them (especially the two older boys) to help out in clearing once the branches are cut.

But, they have other things in their minds. To play! To climb!

They climb as if they haven’t climb a tree. Not so very often. I guess, kids these days are so sheltered some parents never want them to see them climb a tree for fear they might fall and get hurt. Or, some kids are too occupied with their gadgets they had not realized there are many outdoor activities they can do.

Me and the husband used to tell them how we used to climb trees when we were kids. I once fell off a guava tree when I was in grade school. It left bruises on my right leg. That’s part of being a kid. It never hinders me from trying to climb a higher tree. What matters is the enjoyment and the experience.

Perhaps, that’s what these kids felt when they saw this tree being cut. Can they climb? The little ones were the first to try. And, when they couldn’t stopped laughing and screaming, the older kids joined in the fun, too.

I guess, there’s no age limit in being kids.

bayabas1As long as they are enjoying and parents or older sibs are there to make sure they’re safe.

Meanwhile, while they scream their voices off and climb like monkeys, I had to capture/share their photos. Can’t help but be happy, too, seeing how well they can enjoy simple things.

bayabasisyangThat’s my niece above, Tisean. Below is our youngest…
Swing like monkeys…
They just couldn’t stop…
Even the little two-year old wants to climb, too.
From afternoon til  twilight time, they kept climbing. We just let them get exhausted.


It’s a great activity for them. For one thing, it fosters their relationship. Bonding time as siblings and their cousins with them. It’s a great thing. It’s a form of exercise, too. So very unlike when they are inside the house playing online games or just Facebooking.

It’s a new fun thing for them. We are happy they get to experience climbing. Even on a cut guava tree :)

By the way, we cut down the guava tree because there’s just too many guava trees around our yard. There’s two more to be cut this weekend. Yet, there’s three more on the other part of the yard. We do this (the cutting) to give space to other variety of trees like chico and avocado.

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