Benefits of Home Cooking

Friends often tell me, “You keep on posting food photos on your Facebook wall. Are you into cooking?”

Oh! Why, yes. In fact, I do cook a lot. My family loves to eat. They’re easy to please. I find it awesome to do what pleased them. I am not a good cook. The reason why I thanked the Internet. I can easily search for recipes.

I cook mostly for my family. And, some friends. On occasions. But, foremost reason why I cook is simply because, I want my family to enjoy home cooked meals, for us to enjoy being together on meal time, and meal time is the time for the family to have a relaxed and family-centered conversation.

So, even if I don’t cook a la master chef, when I get to remember the objectives why I am sweating my butt off in the kitchen, I felt good. And each day that I am in the kitchen, it’s a never ending try-and-try-until-you-get-the-taste-right attitude.

I guess, that answers the question thrown on me. They’ll be seeing more and more food photos on my Facebook wall. I have a food blog! That’s the second reason :)

So, what do I cook? Nothing fancy. I always stick to easy-to-do-recipes. Dishes that are easy on the preparation. Time is very much valuable for a busy mom like me. There’s other house chores to do. There’s kids to send out to school :) Busy me. I also tend to look for recipes in which ingredients can be easily found right in my pantry and can be bought at the local market or grocery shop.

Hence, in my food blog, every ingredients are easily accessible. So, nothing fancy in my food blog. Everything that my kids love, whether they be old-time traditional dishes or the ones that we have ordered in some fancy restaurants, what matters is, I know what I am serving to my family.

Here’s the best we could get from home cooking.

  • We know exactly what ingredients are there in the dishes.
  • We know the valuable nutrients your family can get from the dishes prepared.
  • We get to control the taste. For, we all know that in fast foods and restaurants, the tastier the dishes, that means more salt or sugar are added. And, we know how these two (when use excessively) can put a lot of strain on our health.
  • Additionally, home cooking can give us savings. How much a plate cost at restaurants? I don’t mean to sound like we don’t try experiencing dining out with our families. I would rather say, limit the number of times we dine out. It’ll be surprising at how much money could be saved.
  • More importantly, home cooking gives that sense of satisfaction: Serving them with balanced and nutritious foods.

Good nutrition is essential to ensure that our family stays healthy and live a very productive life. It all starts in our own kitchen.

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