Let’s Teach Our Kids The Value Of Donating – My 2 Valuable Tips

Teaching kids the value of money in general is pretty tough for most parents. As we all know, kids usually asks and requests for material things and stuff they see disregarding the price tag attached with it. For them, money are meant to be spent for things they wanted. This is also the main reason why trying to make them understand the value of donating becomes a much tougher job.

For me, teaching the essence and value of charity works and donations to my kids at their young age is important. I know it’s a tough parenting job but nothing is tough with passion and determination at heart.

Below are two of the most effective steps I can think of to make my kids truly understand what donation and charity works is all about.

Set As An Example

There is no much better way than showing my kids that I as their parent and role model truly enjoy every bit of charity works and donations I do or make. Whenever I go out to donate something, either in forms of cash, food, money or toys, I bring my kids with me just for them to see that donating is a good human activity.

Let Them See Rewards Of Each And Every Donation They Make

Some organizations or charity institutions sends letter of appreciation, thank you cards or even tokens in forms of handcrafted materials to all of their donators. Letting your kids see the rewards that they might receive is a good way to make them enjoy donations even more. I know this might be a bit misleading with the true value and meaning of donating but I am quite sure that as time passes by and as they continue to do donations, they will learn along the way that it is not just about the rewards.

Teaching kids the value of donating isn’t that hard. It just goes down on the steps you will do or take to make them realize the importance of donating its meaning and true value. I hope you find my above given steps helpful and who knows, they might work for you and for your kids too.

11 thoughts on “Let’s Teach Our Kids The Value Of Donating – My 2 Valuable Tips

  1. most businessman donate of fund charitable institution to get exempted in tax, which is better for me also because their money goes directly to the needed one

  2. If parents show their kids that they donate, they will follow as well. Parents have to explain the value of donation and monetary donation is not the only option.

  3. My kids learn this from home and from their school. We always set some donation for their cousins in the Philippines and they do donation programs in the school for needy people. It is a must to teach kids these valuable deeds.

  4. My daughter has donated $$ countless times already and when she donated her 9 inches of hair to Locks of Love, it was one of the most beautiful gesture I have ever seen. :)

  5. this is a great idea indeed.. with little things we help from those in need is a huge thing for them so as early let our kids learn to help and donate even in their own simple ways

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