the gift of color

Three more months, this brown-skinned girl will be turning 9 years old. She’s planning her birthday. Looks like a “grand” plan. Whereas, I am starting to convince her for a small family dinner outside. Just like last year. The dad even gifted her with an iPod! But, she keeps planning.

It seems as this kid grows older, she’s becoming a little (I should have said, MORE) stubborn. But, showing more independence, if I may say. Modesty aside, she’s more responsible keeping and tidying up her stuff than her two older siblings. She organizes and arranges her toys in the cabinet we provided for her. She takes care the blues guitar she borrowed from her cousin.  She likes her closet  and clothes in a manner it could be easily seen.

And, for the choice of clothes, some will be disappointed because she prefers bright colored ones. Some say I should not let her wear bright colors because of her brown-color. She looked more brown, they added. What-the…. She’s just a kid. Let her choose what type or design of clothes she would want to wear. And, I thanked those honest enough to say bright colors doesn’t suit her. Thank you.^_^ But, she’s a kid. And, however brown her skin color may be, we’re not frustrated. it’s our color. It’s her color. We can not change that. Might as well accept that. I remember the same experience when  was a kid. I, the only girl in a brood of three, and the only one with a brown color. My two younger siblings have a fairer complexion. Rather than getting frustrated about the genes I get from my father, I have come to accept and love it.

And, that’s what I have been telling to this little brown kid. No matter how brown your skin maybe, it’s how you carry yourself and it’s the confidence that matters. At least, she never have to waste money getting a tan when she ‘s in her teens. :)

rania bubblesFor now, the kid’s young, let her enjoy being kid. Let her enjoy her Barbies, her toys, and of blowing bubbles in the park…

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