shopping in the teen’s department

In lieu of the post I made about my daughter’s being very brown as regards to her skin color, looks at what she chooses for a top when we had a trip to the mall…


A very bright red top. She said it complements her shoes which daddy gave her last Christmas. You see, young as may be at 8 years old (turning 9 this May), she voiced out her thoughts. And, we are the type of parents who listens to what our kids are saying. For if we do not, how else in the world could we expect them to listen to us?

We have house rules (most are unwritten rules). Rules, that they have to obey. Rules that we have to explain to them over and over why they needed to obey. It may be a hard battle explaining things. Even then, breaking some house rules are bound to happen. That’s when they learned their mistakes.

Parenting is really a tough job.


Do you know that the denim shorts she’s wearing is a stuff we get on the teens department. We roam the kid’s department looking for a denim shorts that she liked. We found character items like Barbie, Garfield, Grizzly. We couldn’t find a size fitted for her. And if ever we found one, denim shorts for kids starts at 699 pesos (smaller size only).For her size which we find one at Barbie’s, it was priced at 1299 pesos. Denim shorts for girls? No discount on kids’ clothes. It’s not Christmas! It’s off season. The very reason why I am purchasing my kids’ clothing. I m hunting for bargains…discounts! None.

As we get frustrated having find none to match her bright top, I went to the teens section because the “50% banner” caught my sight. I looked into the rack and found items that the little girl surely like. Sexy denim shorts. Yes. And, guess what, the one she’s wearing is only 400 pesos. Red Girl brand and size 26″. Yup, she’s now in the teen sizes :) Blame her chubby tummy :)

I got another one for her, long skinny pants priced at 550 pesos. Great to be shopping for kids’s wear at teens section. Hah!

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