summer staycation

As the days heat up and the kids’ school are nearly over, they only have one thing in their minds. Go swimming!

My kids knew, I do not like swimming that much. If we have to go in swimming resorts or a beach, I don’t usually go for a swim. I’d rather stay in the shade and gulped some drinks and enjoy the foodies. I hate the sun.

But these kids? Can they never say no to swimming. It’s in the topmost of their agenda not only in summer time. It’s actually one of their “staycation” activities at home.

IMG_0109Inflating this I-so-called-huge pool and enjoy swimming and playing around.

What are they doing? Building sand castles? Mini ones. Yes. And, they’re forming water reservoir, too. Ha ha.

IMG_0114This is what they do to beat the summer heat. Fine with me. At least, I do not have to worry about them getting drowned, especially the little niece.


What I worry most is my surging electricity bill particularly in summer time. Our water pump runs on electricity. Imagine the water needed to fill up this inflatable pool. Ouch!

I’ll just drown my worries watching these kids waddle in their “pool” and share in their loudest laughs.

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