Finding the Perfect tuxedo Brand for You

Contrary to the more popular notions, the bride is not the only one who wants to look her best on her wedding day. Even the groom go through a certain “phase,” one where he is at a crossroads wondering if he should go for a suit and tie or dazzle his beloved in a tuxedo. The images of god-like actors strutting their stuff down the red carpet wearing tuxedos (and the fact that the mere sight of them is enough to make the significant others swoon) send a clear signal that the groom should opt for the latter. It doesn’t help that even fictional characters such as Christian Grey of the infamous Fifty Shades of Grey Series has become sort of a “role model” for metro sexual men who want to look awesome, for lack of a better word.

Looking at this on a larger scale, the whole thing looks somewhat overwhelming. In reality though, if you want your wedding day to be extra special for you and your bride-to-be, you would stop at nothing to make that day the reality of your beloved’s dreams. Hence, there is that need to look and feel like a celebrity just for one day and wearing a tuxedo with a blazing designer brand.

This doesn’t mean, though, that all other factors fade into oblivion just because a tuxedo is sporting a famous brand. Far from it. Whether you are choosing a “generic” tuxedo or one that bears one of the hottest labels out there, three primary considerations still shine through – quality, style, and fit. Fortunately, most designer brands offer all three and more. Years of experience are behind brands such as Ralph Lauren, Armani, Yves Saint Laurent, Joseph Abboud, and Calvin Klein. These retailers have proven time and again that they can expertly bring quality, style, fit, functionality, class, and reliability together.

It’s a good thing that there are Montclair tux rental shops that carry the above-mentioned brands. These brands are usually available in all styles and sizes in such shops. To help you decide which brand you should try, look at what some of these brands are known for:

Ralph Lauren – Tuxedos from Ralph Lauren are known for their neat, elementary lines. These tuxedos don’t fall short of emphasizing prevailing contours. Understated luxury and timeless elegance are two descriptions that would encapsulate Ralph Lauren tuxedos.

Armani – You can expect nothing but the best from Armani, whether you’re looking for impeccably tailored suits, tuxedos, or separates. Giorgio Armani seems to have Midas’ touch; everything he touches obviously exudes quiet sophistication.

Yves Saint Laurent – A classic Yves Saint Laurent tuxedo usually features sleek peaked lapels made of fine-woven silk. The tuxedos are mostly slim-fitting and neatly tailored, just what you need if you want to hit a seriously high sartorial elegance.

Joseph Abboud – Joseph Abboud’s tuxedos are noted for several things – fine fabric, crisp appearance, grosgrain lapels, grosgrain-covered buttons, and grosgrain stripe on each pant leg. What’s more, the tuxedos are known for their comfortable and easy fit.

Calvin Klein – This brand is known to cater to the taste of the modern man. This is evident in its classic two-button side-vented tuxedo that may be worn for any formal occasion. The tuxedo is made of 100% high-quality wool and features traditional notch satin lapels, satin-covered buttons, and satin-striped pants.

Now that you have an idea what to expect from these designer labels, you would be more than ready to choose the brand that would make you look your best on your wedding day.

Molly Carter guest wrote this article. Carter works as a freelance writer and is currently working on the initial draft of her first book.

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