Bring Style To Your Garden With A Fire Pit

The design of the average fire pit is excellent for a backyard fire where most people are standing but it doesn’t lend itself well to an arrangement of outdoor lounge chairs. It’s because most of them are low to the ground. It’s an excellent arrangement for large groups of people enjoying a drink together but not so great for smaller groups of people who want to lounge in style. That’s where the fire pit patio table comes in. A fire pit table is exactly how it sounds. It’s a patio table that has a pit in the middle of it to contain a fire.

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The table puts the fire further up from the ground making the heat more available to seated guests. Some designs are purely for raising the fire up further from the ground but others incorporate more table area in them so they can also act as your patio table as well. A few models are available that are large enough to be used as your outdoor dining table.

Fire pit tables are either of the wood burning variety or the gas burning variety. Wood is a popular choice of fuel because of the ambience it provides. Nothing beats the crackle and pop of a real wood fire but it does have its disadvantages. Firstly there are sparks so you will need a mesh cover over your fire to prevent errant fires and burns. Guests and neighbours can also become annoyed by the smoke. The smell also sticks to clothes which many people don’t appreciate. The other disadvantage is cleaning. Ash is an annoying by product of wood fires and will need to be cleaned out. If you have a garden you can always mix the ash with your compost for excellent fertilizer.

Because of the problems inherit with wood fires gas fire pits are becoming more commonplace. The smell of smoke on your clothes is also avoided. A gas fire pit is also great for portability. You can take it camping with you and a gas bottle is easier to transport than a load of fire wood.

Not only can a fire pit table be a useful addition to your outdoor area it can also enhance your decor as well. There are numerous ways you can enhance your outdoor living. For even more ideas check out the author’s website at Check out the author’s website at outdoor bar sets.

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