Let Our Kids Help In The Kitchen

More often, kids thought they’ll be burdened with chores once they step up in the kitchen. And that, we, parents, would not let our kids help in the kitchen because we’re afraid of the mess they’ll create. This scenario often leads them to stay away from the kitchen even more.

So, in order to encourage them to participate in small chores and other kitchen stuff, we should always welcome them as soon as they show interest in helping. I am a super happy mom when my kids are showing enthusiasm in whatever I do in the kitchen. Especially in food preparation and cooking.

Here’s few benefits if we let our kids help in the kitchen.

Learn How To Cook

House chores like cleaning or washing the dishes may be detestable to some kids because they find it too exhausting and yes, boring. However with cooking,  it’ll be a lot easier for them to do because of the curiosity as to how their favorite foods are cooked. If parents would let them help starting with little things like cutting vegetables, or measuring food portions, they will start to develop a keen interest and then, eventually will learn how to cook.

Value of Health and Nutrition

By simply letting our kids to help in the kitchen, they will know the importance of each food that we prepare. By letting them know how fruits and vegetable and other food item play a vital role in every one’s health, they will value healthy eating more.

Boost their Confidence

Getting the kids to help in the kitchen gives them a rewarding feeling especially if they have accomplished something -preparing simple sandwiches, cutting out fruits and vegetables in different shapes, cooking simple dishes like soups -it gives them a sense of pride if they can tell or show to other family members or guests the things they’ve come up.

Spending Quality Time with Kids

Parents should take great advantage when kids shows interest in helping out in the kitchen. It’ll create an opportunity to foster relationship with the kids -share thoughts, share jokes, or simply communicate with the kids. Kids are at most vulnerable to share their innermost feelings in a fun and easy environment. Kids hates serious topics. So go slow. Let the fun in the kitchen be the FUN.

Lastly, letting them help in the kitchen makes them appreciate other chores like  cleaning the mess in the kitchen. Look at how my little kid whip up a smoothie the other day. She’s too eager to learn how things/foods are prepared in the kitchen, so she did the preps…getting all that she needed…

And, look at what she had created. A simple chocolate-milk smoothie. She was too jubilant that she asked to me take photos of what she did and asked me to do a blog about this.


Happy at her creation!

I’m blown-away. Moreso when she cleaned up the mess in the counter top herself.

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