The Delicate Balance of Family Law

The family is the most basic unit of organization in our society. It is the foundation of many things. However, that basic unit has evolved over time. For example, broken family units because of divorce are much more common today than they were in the past. Blended families, as a result of divorce and remarriage, are also more common today. In addition, there are families today with two mothers or fathers from gay and lesbian relationships that are now being recognized. There is no doubt that this family continues to evolve. Family law in Greensboro, NC, and elsewhere is a delicate balance.

Living in a Broken Family

Many children today find themselves with a mother, father, stepmother, stepfather, and stepsiblings. Many children also find themselves living in a single-parent home. A broken family and a blended family are very common today. This makes it a bit easier than it used to be for children because many of their friends can relate. However, it only makes it a tiny bit easier. Children need to feel

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loved by both of their biological parents as well as any other parent figure in their life. Families that can do this successfully are much

more successful in helping children to cope and develop healthy relationships of their own.

Living through the Divorce

One factor in the success of a peaceful divorce is the use of lawyers early in the process. The reason this is the case is that it often enables a couple going through a divorce to do so civilly, without all of the bitter battles that can plague a divorce. This means the couple can remain friends and advocates for their children. In other words, they keep their eye on the fact that their children need both of them in order to develop into healthy adults. A couple that is divorcing, who can still keep their priorities on their children in this way, will have far greater success. They each understand the value of the other in the process of raising their children, even though they cannot stay married any longer. Some couples have this foresight from the beginning and others gain it through a visit with their attorney in family law in Greensboro, NC. No matter how it is gained, this foresight is critical for children living through a divorce.

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