The 10 Most Memorable Moments in the Histoy of the NBAs Slam Dunk Contest

NBA Slam DunkAlthough it can be traced back to the ABA’s slam dunk competition in 1976, the NBA Slam Dunk Contest didn’t truly begin until 1984. Since then, the contest has been held every year except 1998 and during 1999’s shortened lockout season. Our countdown to the top ten most memorable moments in the history of the NBA Slam Dunk Contest begins where you might not expect it.

10. Chris Anderson’s slow sink to the bottom

With only one dunk to showcase, most NBA fans remember the 2005 fiasco of Chris Anderson trying to get his one dunk to go in. It took him close to twenty attempts to get his high arcing self-thrown alley-oop timed correctly and Charles Barkley even joked, “Hey we need a Snickers bar right now.”

9. Spud Webb upsets Wilkins

Measuring in at only 5′ 7″, Webb’s single bounce reverse dunk was enough to propel him ahead of Dunk Contest and NBA legend Dominique Wilkins.

8. Vince Carter goes off in 2000

We’ll get to his other dunks too, but Carter’s opener at the 2000 Slam Dunk Contest was a throw-and-catch, under-the-leg-oop jam that defies logic. And mind you, this was his first of three dunks he would display at the Oracle Arena.

7. Jordan’s “Kiss The Rim” dunk

Jordan once again establishes an icon of a slam dunk. With more hang-time than most entries in the competition since the 1987 contest, Jordan’s sideways approach and above-the-rim air is an epic feat of human athleticism to this day.

6. Dwight bends the rules of physics

In the 2008 contest, Dwight Howard took only two tries to bounce the ball off the back of the glass and follow through to get a behind the basket windmill dunk. With every player in the arena delivering a standing ovation, you know this one was good.

5. Dominique Wilkins’ windmill takes down Jordan

At eye level with the rim, Wiklkin’s gigantic and powerful windmill slam dunk crushes the competition. 1985 would mark the first of the Slam Dunk Contest titles for Dominique Wilkins.

4. Iguodala gets his title stolen

How Andre Iguodala’s 2006 entry in the Slam Dunk Contest did not lead to victory will always puzzle NBA fans. Allen Iverson threw him a beautiful behind-the-basket, off the glass alley-oop, which he then caught, and reversed to the front of the basket to slam it in. As memorable as the dunk was, we’ll always wonder how on earth he didn’t walk away with the slam dunk title in 2006.

3. The slam dunk contest: where posters are made

The 1988 contest immortalized Michael Jordan. Before he had any NBA championships, he had the dunk from the free-throw line. While Dr. J had done this in the first-ever dunk contest in 1976, Jordan’s revision included his trademark double pump.

2. Vince Carter goes through the rim

In the 2000 Slam Dunk Contest, Carter brought his impressive array of dunks, and that included one that dropped everyone’s jaws. The “Honey Dip” was his aggressive dunk that saw his arm go completely through the rim, up to his elbow, where he would hang for a moment before releasing the dunk.

1. Vince Carter…again? Again.

2000 was the year of Vince. His 360 Windmill jam sealed the deal for every NBA fan and in the 13 years since, we have yet to have a more memorable moment.

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