Medical Marijuana: Is This Today’s Medicine Wonder?

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Marijuana was first discovered and intended to be a psychoactive drug as well as a medicine. The plant Cannabis (popularly known as Marijuana) contains the substance tetrahydrocannabinol which is responsible for its euphoric or heightened mood effects. However, the said drug has been abused and was considered as a restricted substance. As a result, sale, use or possession of the said substance is considered illegal in various states.

These days, it seems like marijuana is starting to have a big comeback. These days, the medicinal benefits of marijuana has become a great tool for a lot of medical professionals. Cannabis is known to alleviate pain in various chronic diseases. It can even help in improving the condition of people who have life-threatening diseases.

Here are some benefits of medical marijuana:

Chronic back or neck pain

It can be hard for a person with chronic back and neck pain to move around normally. Medical marijuana is a good option for this since it does not pose any addicting risks that the preferred medications (opioid and anti inflammatories) for this condition.


With the help of cannabis, pain regulation, appetite stimulation, muscle relaxation is possible. Because of these simple reasons and effects, gastritis can be easily alleviated by smoking medical marijuana.

HIV/ AIDS symptoms

Medications usually prescribed for this type of condition can lead to pain and appetite loss. With the help of cannabis, any HIV/AIDS patient can regain their appetite, maintain a great body and improve their overall outlook in life.

Premenstrual Syndrome

Prior to having their monthly period, women experience abdominal pain and cramping along with irritability. All these symptoms are easily combatted by medical marijuana.

With all these new discoveries and uses of marijuana in the medical field, the question still remains– is this today’s medicine wonder?

16 thoughts on “Medical Marijuana: Is This Today’s Medicine Wonder?

    • yes, chris, it’s in the form of drugs. medical experts says the positives far outweigh the negatives (esp. the addicting factor). however, there’s still a lot of studies/research for it to be fully place in the market.

  1. marijuana is really such a controversial drug because of how people misused and abused it sadly, if there is a stricter regulation on medical marijuana use, maybe, it is easier for people who really need them to avail of, but then, because other states and places do not know how to strictly regulate its use, it is banned, and only tells the dark side of marijuana. what i do not like reading sometimes are some people like condemning patients who use prescribed medical marijuana already as “addicts”, sometimes people are just too quick on judging without looking at the deeper situation.

  2. I have heard that before that marijuana is used for medicinal cure, its just that some people discovered it for other purpose which shed a bad light to what it is supposed to be for healing and curing factor.

  3. with all these positive effects and of course further studies, i think marijuana can be a potential. and maybe because of the abuse, discovering its possibilities became limited. here, our neighbours sniff it all the time since it’s actually legal to buy it here. unfortunately.

  4. I have chronic back pain, does that qualify me to take cannabis? hahahaha…. J/K. In Amsterdam, cannabis is very legal. You can enter a coffee shop, order a brownie and a cup of your fave coffee with a joint to go. :) hahaha … And no, I haven’t been in Amsterdam but when I do, I WON’T TRY IT but would love to see people actually sit in a coffee shop full of cannabis-smoking peeps. I’d love to take picture of them too. 😉

  5. in my stances, there are just bad people who loves to take advantages of things and abused them. for their own pleasure, however marijuana does can help people as long as we don’t abuse with it’s dose of usage.

  6. For some people, marijuana leaves are considered as a medicine. In fact, in some countries, the use of marijuana is not illegal. However, for me, I can’t say naman anything about it because we don’t legalize its use in the PH and our doctors do not really say that it’s a medicine wonder.

  7. I saw the news about marijuana helped a kid’s life. Maybe it could pass as a medicine. Especially like this, that it has been tested to a kid. Why not, right?

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