one fine day at the resort

Tomorrow’s the first day of school of my two kiddos here. The eldest which is in college had already been away since Tuesday. The week had been a busy one, again. We went to the cemetery last Thursday after a prayer held in memory of my mother-in-law’s soul.


On Friday, we went to the nearby town to treat the kids before their school kick off. Last hurrah, the kids said…


off we go…


the little ones can’t contain their excitement…the noises sure gave me a headache^_^



seen on the entrance of the resort…it says “DON’T PASS HERE”…so where to?


ah, the sign was meant for people to NOT step on the plants and the flowers such as this bright yellow GUMAMELA…pretty, isn’t it?


thus, i content myself for the usual photo ops with this still UNRIPE “RAMBUTAN”. The GREEN pompom-like fruits will turn RED when it RIPENS.


how green were these “spiky” RAMBUTANS…

okay, “LET’S TAKE CARE OF THE PLANTS”…i’m amazed that the resort was |literally” clutter free…NICE!



The resort has an ample space for kiddie playground. The whole place was shaded by an assortment of trees and plants. 


for kiddies and “kids at heart”, too ^_^


no doubt the kids and adult alike enjoyed some kiddie play:)



while i do one more photo ops  at the brightly colored playplace


swimming time…on one of the 5 pools…


another pool where the background is the scenic Sierra Madre mountains (partly)



still noisy when we left the resort…bringing with them A FREE TAN^_^

Leivy Lance Resort

Brgy. Pantoc, Gabaldon Nueva Ecija

Contact # 0908 888 8713