Tell our Kids About Games we Played in the Past

Gone are the days when for kids, playing means going out in the sun, running, rolling, jumping and shouting. Today, playing means facing the computer or other gaming device, pressing on buttons and keyboards, and spending the whole day just sitting around while facing the gadgets’ screens.

Indeed, times change, and so are the people’s ways and practices. Parents nowadays often lament on the fact that there kids are no longer familiar with traditional games such as patintero, taguan, piko, and habulan. But still they continue to support their kids’ addiction to Angry Birds, or other digital games for that matter, by buying them new gadgets in which they could play these games.

Some parents would even play with their kids on these new gadgets. Perhaps they get addicted to online games as much as their children do.

There’s really nothing wrong with that. Technology is there for us to utilize to our advantage. And since they have become the source of entertainment for the kids of this generation, why not embrace it as well?

The problem however, is when we totally abandon our past and forget the ways and practices of our childhood. Forgetting about our traditional games, and not putting an effort to introduce them to today’s younger generation, is like cutting the connection between the past and the present.

Introducing your kids to the traditional games is one way of instilling in them a sense of history. In that way, you do not only teach them something really interesting, but you also help them develop better futures by becoming aware of what transpired in the past, as represented by the fun games their parents did as kids.

Building the Best Gaming Room

You’ve spent a lot of time making your house into some place that will impress your friends and now you want to invite those friends over to enjoy your hard work. It is time to make one room in your house into a game room.
You should get a gaming table that can be used for multiple purposes. Car games are one of the easiest ways to entertain friends. Poker tables make it seem official and classy. Just make sure to get a good set of poker chips so that it feels completely official.
Along the same lines as regulation poker chip sets is regulation dice. There is nothing like rolling regulation dice on a felt table. You can use those old dice from the board games you never play but they don’t have the same feel. They are also guaranteed to be fair and you know how heated arguments can get over weighted dice.
If you have the room, I suggest getting a billiards table. I spent a lot of time shooting pool when I was younger and it will always have a place in my heart. Just make sure that no food gets near the table or you will regret it. A pool table costs enough initially. You do not want to spend the money to have it re-surfaced.
If you really want to go the full nine yards then you should consider getting a pinball machine and challenging your friends to break your high score. Because you own the machine, you can reset the score as you please and have tournaments on the weekends. Along with the poker chips and pool table you should be able to keep those friends coming back and entertained.
With these simple items you should be able to build the best game room you have ever seen.