what causes indigestion

“You should have known better.”

The hubby nearly scolded me for what I had been through Friday night. Right after dinner (dinner composed of small portion of rice, more veggies and more fruits, as I normally would in my daily diet), I started to experience upset stomach. I blamed the broccoli which might have caused the pungent “gas“. I thought it would pass up as usual.

Then, I heard my stomach rumble that palpation caused me to belt out a cry. Dyspepsia? Maybe, I got so engrossed over dinner that I munched on the food with much gusto. I even feast on the ripe mangoes that were so sweet, the husband begged me to stop :)

What transpired next was excruciatingly painful. Upper abdominal pain, bloating, nausea, sweating and finally, vomiting like I had expelled everything out from my digestive system. Worse, I had to literally stay in the loo the whole night. When morning came…

…sleepless, eyes swollen, frail and wan, …dehydrated.

I always hate this sick feeling. I tend to be hypochondriac. Must be the reason why I had to stay longer in bed than what it shouldn’t be. Panic is a lot different from hypochondria. Panicking is something I have learned to suppress when I started having kids. I have learned to stay focus. To think instead of be scared. But, at every onset of illnesses, I tend to start worrying. I tend to picture out on a larger context. Yay!

Studying the symptoms and locating where the pain persist, I took Buscopan tablets that the husband gave me. I was never the one who easily grab medicine at the onset of pain/illness. Some pain can be self-limited and requires no medical intervention. But, serious and often occurring symptoms may require professional diagnosis.

In my case, I took the pain as merely a bad case of indigestion, ruling alongside GERD, acute gastritis, peptic ulcer, or whatever conditions effected by the pain. Hence, the Buscopan is the simplest choice as pain management. The hubby initially wanted me to take Immodium, a drug effective for some diarrhea cases. In as much I am experiencing LBM that time, I shun the idea that it was diarrhea. Besides, Immodium acts to suspend fecal matter in the large intestine, it’s not as good as I am highly constipated at times.

Good thing, after a sleepless night, all symptoms subsided. No need to go to the hospital. But the weakness is unbearable. Need a good diet for fluid retention. Tea, soups, crackers, “lugaw”, were the safest diet to choose. You don’t wanna aggravate things that would send the stomach boiling again.

Today, Sunday, I run towards the feeling of “feeling better” :) Had eaten rice with mashed potato and sips up a cup of “sabaw ng nilagang baboy”. Then, as my body slowly regain its lost energies, so is my mind. I reviewed what had transpired the past few days. My diet, especially. What have I eaten that would have caused my upset stomach? Must I suspect the veggies, the fruits…?

Then, it popped out to me that last Friday, at about 2 in the afternoon, I had taken out an Ibuprofen pill to eased off my headache. Must’ve been the reason that leads me to dyspepsia?

I would normally take Ibuprofen when headache/migraine is too hard to contain. Ibuprofen is a lower dose of NSAIDs, hence, my personal choice to cure stubborn headache. Reaction might be slow, but, I do get better. And, I would always remember not to take a pill on an empty stomach. As an NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug), it has the tendency to caused gastric ulceration. (Source: Wikipedia)


“I should have known better.

The truth hide in your stubbornness.”

Hubby’s voice reverberated in my psyche :)

Migraine attack

Had the worst migraine attacked just few days ago. For the past 3 years, I had learned few self-help ways to control the aggravating factors contributing to migraine. I had avoided pills, as I do not want more complicating matters come haunting me off in later life.

Discontinue recent activity at the onset of the pain. Twas, was the most helpful preventive remedy in previous attacks. Failed this time, as the unilateral pain on the right side of my skull becomes too unbearable. Pulsating profusely until I can’t get it over with. Two hours of bed rest does no good.

Setting off barring complication, I opted to take NSAID, to relieve me of the throbbing pain. After an hour of sleep unto which the medicine took effect, like a snap, pain ebbed low.

Just what makes a migraine?

Migraine is an intense unilateral pain in the head. It is accompanied by nausea, vomiting and extreme sensitivity to light and sound.

man with headache covering head with handsphoto from Seven Counties.org

Factors detrimental to a worsening migraine:

  • too much noise,
  • too many activities
  •  light sensitivities/blurry vision
  • not giving in to certain food cravings
  • stress
  • depression

The four stages of migraine:

  1. Prodome. Manifestation of subtle changes that may signify an occurring migraine. (such as those factors listed above)
  2.  Aura. An aural perception, either visually or sensory or motor disturbances, that a migraine will likely occur
  3. Attack/Pain. Debilitating pain occurs on one side of the head. If left untreated or ignored, can lasts for hours or even days.
  4. Postdome. Some people may feel overly tired and “washed out” after the attack. Hence, some people have cognitive difficulties even after pain has subsided.


  • Most headaches were aggravated by physical activity. Discontinue the activity at the Prodome stage.
  • Treatment such as taking pain reliever pills.
  • Lifestyle check can be of help.
  • Avoid migraine triggers such as stress, hunger and fatigue.

Related source at MayoClinic.com