issues and my nostalgia

The growing debate over RH Bill has been alarmingly DISAPPOINTING, far as I am concerned. If one should have the time to read (RE: READ) its context, no doubt that the purposes should it be implemented, is of  great significance. POPULATION CONTROL. No doubt, as it is the main target of the bill. Digging deep and UNDERSTANDING the proponents, twas where my DOUBTS in this bureaucratic and corrupt government system lies. We’re going nowhere but the dogs.


I digress…

Watching local news last night, I caught up the swift reaction of viewers in Jessica Soho’s previous report about how an aspiring UPCAT passer wanting to study in the Philippines’ premier state university, UP. But, tuition cost prevented the UP aspirant from enrolling because her parents couldn’t afford P7 k plus tuition cost. Her story was aired by Jessica Soho (VIDEO HERE) the other night and last night came the news that one good samaritan offered her free four-year scholarship.

Miss Soho reported also how many UPCAT passers weren’t able to enroll at UP because of tuition costs. I guess, with this issue , the government should review the educational system while waiting for the fate of the RH Bill. I always believed that education puts one person an edge over somebody, let alone A GOOD EDUCATION.

Though UP made it to the top 200 top universities in Asia, it is saddening that most universities/schools we have (not to mention those fly-by-night schools) can only produce more profits to the owners but producing less competitive graduates. Sorry.

For my part, I wished to teach my kids values/morals that they can never learn inside campuses. Armed with tenets, I wished to make my kids be of good example to other kids in the communities and not  be juvenile delinquents. Please Lord.

My mom used to be a teacher when she was alive. She used to teach at a far-flung village here in our town. She’s my first teacher. Teaching me ABC’s and 123’s. Though, she may be busy neglecting my homework, she was always there guiding me, giving me enough courage to excel in school. She would often tell me, “if others can, so do you, and you can go further”. That was her most USED PHRASE. I so missed her, MY FAVORITE TEACHER.

These were my photos in grade school. Mom was always a proud mom accompanying me every recognition day even if it meant skipping her own class. On my elementary graduation, I personally asked dad to escort me on the stage.

I missed my mom, and my dad, too. Dad may not be the best father figure I have, but very thankful that through him, I had been given this chance to live and share life beautifully with the family I have now.


summer classes again

Eldest daughter was supposed to be home this weekend. When I called her yesterday, she told me that there were few more term papers that needs to be submitted before she could finally call it a vacation. Okay. Then, I was suddenly taken aback of her decision to enroll for her summer classes at UP Diliman. She said she was just waiting for the confirmation of the said subject description. I don’t know what she’s up to this time.

When she was about to enter college in 2008, I was the one filling out application forms for her entrance examinations in different universities. I am the one who facilitates her UPCAT application. So, when she passed the UPCAT in January 2008, I am most thrilled and excited!. Furthermore, I am the one who fills out her registration form when we went to UP for her freshmen enrollment. I am the one who arranged a slot in the university’s female only dormitory. I am a stage mom then. After three years and finally in her junior year now, I was literally fired out in her decision making ^_^. It seems she now knows more than I do before:(

As me and her father have complete trust in her, we let her decide what she thought is best for her studies. We support her 110%. The university registrar has been sending her grades at the end of every semester. And, we were glad that she has not earned, so far, a grade of 5.0. Else, i’ll faint!

Anyhow, it’ll be one year more and we’re hoping we’ll gonna hear graduation march. Crossing my fingers.